The project takes its title from the album published by Alfa Music in 2022.

Unpublished songs from soul, Jazz, written and sung by Rosanna D’Ecclesiis, enriched by the rock sounds of Vito Di Modugno’s Hammond, Nico Grimaldi‘s drums, Antonio Grimaldi‘s bass and double bass, Francesco Lomangino‘s sax and flute.

Xennial takes its title from the generation born in the late 70’s and early 80’s, the one born with the analog and grew up with the digital, a feature that Rosanna has found in his way of writing music and interpret it.

A music of passage that takes its cue from the progressive rock of the 70 ’80’ through the pop 90′ until touching the jazz of recent years.



Afrodiaspora (world music)

The Afrodiaspora project, leaded by the Italian percussionist Cesare Pastanella, comes from a deep passion for the African music, its vocal and rhythmic culture.

The Malian music that blends American blues of the Mississippi delta, the huge heritage and multiple aspects of Afro-Cuban music, the Brazilian samba, the Afro-Brazilian chants and rhythms of the candomblé, the Columbian cumbia and the music from Cape Verde.

The sinuous and delicate singing of Rosanna D’Ecclesiis joins the passionality of Nando Di Modugno’s acoustic guitar, the improvisation and the energy of the rhythmic section droven by the solid double bass of Francesco Cinquepalmi and the Afro-American percussions of Cesare Pastanella.



Vito Di Modugno & fratelli Grimm feat. Rosanna D’Ecclesiis (soul jazz)

A trio project between the internationally renowned Hammondist Vito Di Modugno and the brothers Nico Grimaldi on drums and Antonio Grimaldi on double bass, to which the voice of Rosanna D’Ecclesiis was added in 2009.

A repertoire that goes from the songs that made the history of psychedelic rock in the 60’s and 70’s by artists such as Blood Sweet and Tears, Janis Joplin, Doors, Pink Floyd, revisited in a soul jazz key, to the most famous jazz standards, to compositions originals.



BlueBeat Band (pop music)

Funk & Soul mixed with international popular music and the most sophisticated dance music are the ingredients that characterize the BlueBeat project.

Born from an idea of Rosanna D’Ecclesiis (voice), the band is formed by Pino Mazzarano on guitar, Peppe Fortunato on keyboards, Saverio Petruzzellis on drums, Gianluca Fraccalvieri on bass.

The most important songs of the Italian and International pop scene are revisited with personal and original arrangements that you can listen to in our EP “Moods” available in the best digital stores (#itunes, #Amazon, #Spotify).